Android Desktop Manager

Manage and Control Everything on Android via Computer

  • Transfer everything from Android devices back to computer .
  • Directly export phone contacts and text messages to PC.
  • Directly edit contacts via PC and sync to phone automatically
  • Install or uninstall Android app through computer.
  • Convert music or videos to Android compatible formats .
  • Send text messages to anybody using a computer keyboard.

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  • How It Works

Android Manager is the perfect desktop solution to manage content stored on an Android device to facilitate the operations upon a mobile device. It takes much time and effort to do complex tasks on a screen limited portable devices, such as inputting a long text messages, delete files in batch. Those tasks will be done much efficiently on a desktop computer and that’s the original ideal to develop such a program to reduce the pain for end users.

Transfer All Content from Android to Computer for Backup

Android Desktop Manager can easily transfer apps, photos, music, videos and other kind of files to a computer for backup purpose, which will also help to save more disk space on mobile device. Phone contacts can be exported to a variety of standard formats that can be used in other applications, such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail. You don’t have to type the contacts one by one when you are preparing to use your phone contacts on other places.

android manager

Manage Contacts and Text Messages on Computer

It’s a bit time consuming to add new contacts or edit existing contacts on a mobile phone because of its small screen and keyboard. It’s much convenient to complete such tasks on a computer because of large screen and physics keyboard. This program has fancy support for contacts and sms management on your desktop computer when your Android is connected to the computer via USB cable.




Directly Install or Uninstall App via Computer

Download and installation through a computer is much faster than doing the same task on a mobile device. This program has an integrated feature to support such operations. You can easily install, update or uninstall app via a desktop interface and all of the tasks are done in a comfortable way. This also does a great help when Google Play Store are unavailable in your area. When new software update is ready, it will display alerts on its main screen for reminds.




android manager

Convert Media Files to Android Friendly Formats

Not all media types are acceptable by Android devices. Only a portion of them can be playable on Android, such as MP4, MP3, AVI, etc... Android Manage has a built-in module to handle the request for file conversion that can transcode a wide range of media files to Android friendly formats. When you add such files to Android device from desktop computer, it will convert the files automatically in backgrounds.