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2 Ways to Bypass Windows 10 Screen Login Password without Losing Data

Before bypassing Windows 10, 8 and 7 login password, let me tell you one thing first, there is nothing to be embarrassed if you have forgotten your Windows password, after you are just a regular guy who too have a limitation to capacitate his memory to a certain limit. I know we are always pinpointed to create longer and complicated passwords containing at least 8 characters, symbols, etc so as to make them safer and secured, but the longer you make it, harder it becomes to remember it for a long run.


So just for a moment, leave the HARDER YOU MAKE, MORE SECURED YOU GET agenda aside and let’s focus what can actually be done if you ever fall into a pit hole like this. Precisely saying, there are two ways to bypass Windows 10/8/7 login password, either you follow a way utilizing a third party tool or not. We would encapsulate both the ways in the article here for your greater good so just continue with your reading….




Why Does Your Window’s PC Get Locked?


There are number of reasons that can be attributed to your losing password excuse, like you have not used the system for a very long time; you change your password too frequently making you confused with so many passwords you have created so far; somebody trespassed and altered the password on purpose to jeopardize your work; you never bothered to note down the passwords in a safer place.



Method 1. Bypass Windows 10/8 Password with Microsoft Account

To follow up this easier and quicker method, visit the link ascribed below:



On the following page that turns up, locate the “I forgot my password” option and go for it.


bypass windows 10 password


If you know your MS username and password, enter it and get access to your MS account. Now the main work starts from here. You have got to choose a way of receiving OTP (One Time Password), either via a recovery email ID or through your phone by SMS or Call.


As soon as you get the code, enter it in the requested field on the page and click “Next”. Now you are free to create your new password by typing it two times for confirmation and then click “Next” to reboot your computer.


windows 10 password bypass


So this time enter the new password on your MS login page and you get the swift entry to your domain. So this is a method which can only be used if you had already enabled the MS account in your Windows 8 PC before the actual trouble can took place. So basically MS account is centralized account whose password can be manipulated from all its various services, like Skype, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. so changing it at one place changes it in your computer as well.



Method 2. Bypass Windows 10/8/7 Login Password with Windows Password Mate

Now this is an ultimate method which will satisfy you in every possible way. UUKeys Windows Password Mate is a very popular Windows Password recovery software. If you talk out about it with the experts, you will find them speaking about it very highly for its distinguished features. It directly bypasses your lock screen without posing the chance of any data loss. To know it better, you must peep into the features described below.


Key Features:

  • The software supports all the Windows OS versions, both old and latest.
  • It offers full time upgrade facilities.
  • The bootable disk can be created using both CD/DVD and flash drive.
  • It can remove passwords from admin, guest, local, domain and every other kind of accounts.
  • It works well with all types of hard drives- SATA/ RAID/ SSD/ HDD, etc.





Step 1 Download, Install Program on Another Working Computer

Before you begin the procedure of using it, set up a computer or laptop which is actually working and not locked. Go the tool downloaded to your currently working system. On the next step, access it with admin rights, and as soon as the main page turns up before you, select the media type option, that is “USB or CD/DVD”.


windows password recovery



Step 2 Create A Bootable Password Reset Disk with USB or CD/DVD (We take USB as example)

Insert your disk or drive into the computer and click “Burn USB”. The burning of the tool ISO image files will be started and takes its toll with finally with the notification “Burning Successfully!”. Click “Ok” to finish the procedure.


make a reset disk


Step 3 Insert USB drive on Your Locked Computer and Boot from USB Drive

Plug your loaded disk into the locked machine now and change the boot order from the BIOS setup to load the program from the disk.


boot from USB



Step 4 Reset Password on Windows 10 Computer

Now quickly choose a Windows OS and users, then click the “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” options and the real work is done.


Reset Password on Windows 10 Computer


Leave the rest of the matter to the software as it simple restarts your computer to apply for the changes.

Be familiar with both the manual and the third party tool methods. Keep the tool UUkeys installed in your computer, if you ever come under the need of using it again. Be cautious with your next password and better it will be if you save it somewhere safe for future use.




Method 3. Bypass Windows 10 Password with PassCue

Due to certain shortcomings of the aforementioned tools and methods, you would definitely hesitate to use them. But when it comes to PassCue Windows Password Recovery, you don’t need to hesitate anymore. The tool is all sufficient to disable the registry keys responsible for password lock without any actual data and pre-installed program manipulation. It worsk for all Windows version like Windows 10, 8, 7, xp and server.




How Windows Password Mate differs from other approaches?

The first method had some lagging setbacks, like not having a MS account enabled prior to the occurrence of account lock, or having no extra local or guest account to enter the system. But using iSeePassword Recovery Pro, you don’t have to face such tattering experiences.


The tool simplifies the procedure in 2-3 steps, which is not so regular with other tools and methods. There is no bug issue and internet connectivity during the working is not mandatory.




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