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3 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Login/Administrator Password without Losing Data

Are you in the middle of an emergency and can’t find your Windows 10 Password? Honestly it is a total catastrophe for sure. But reeling back to worry will not do in good in real. So just sit back for a while and follow the methods mentioned here in this article to help reset login and administrator password on Windows 10.




Why Do You Need A Password in Your Windows 10?


The only rational explanation that can be inferred is data security. When your computer is the only working ground of all your essential work and projects, you would definitely choose it as the storehouse of all the progress reports, charts, details, worksheets, etc. Thus securing data this confidential can only be done using password lock. Now the password is usually asked to be created lengthy and complicated to make it less possible for an intruder to manipulate it. But in the course of doing so, you slip to oblivion and can’t recall it when you actually need it.



Part 1. Reset Windows 10 Password with Cain & Abel

This is another method to deal with the compromising situation. Though this tool is not as better as the previous one yet it can be used as an alternative. It is a very old and popular Windows Password recovery tool, still coveted by many experts. It utilizes hash tag algorithms basically to run simulations and this in turn recovers the lost password. Now coming back to the real purpose of using it, few steps are illustrated here to guide you.


Step 1. Get a new working PC and create a bootable disk by burning the tool’s ISO image file.


Step 2. Eject and re-insert it into the locked computer for the real purpose and wait till the program is loaded.


Cain & Abel


Step 3. As per your device specifications, press certain keys to enter your BIOS utility setup and set the boot order set the disk as the 1st priority choice.


Step 4. Launch the tool and track down the drive where the OS is actually installed.


Step 5. Choose your locked account by right clicking on it, and then go for “Brute force-attack”.

Step 6. Next; click on “NTML Hashes”.


reset windows password with Cain & Abel


Step 7 . Wait as the recovery process might take several hours to finish.

The tool is okay as long as you are using Windows 10 or the lower version since Windows 8/10 or the latest versions are not supported by it. Moreover it is an outdated program and takes a lot of time.



Part 2. Reset Windows 10 Login Password with Windows Password Mate

Use this tool for once, and you will know the reason to choose it again and again. This is one of the amazing Windows password resetting tools which has been incurring attention of several users across the internet. And the reasons are quite plausible, here they are:


Key Features:

  • You can use it actually with any Windows OS, both desktop and server versions.
  • Lifetime upgrade facility is offered.
  • Make a reset disk with USB drive and DVD/CD.
  • No bug issues confronted so far.
  • It goes well with BIOS, DSI legacy mode, and UEFI mode too.
  • It loses no data in the process of resetting password.
  • It can reset all types of account passwords, be it domain account, local account, admin account passwords.





Step 1 Download, Install Program on Another Working Computer

Use the spare PC to download the tool and click on the setup file to begin the installation. Choose your media type option as either USB or CD/DVD from the first screen that appears.


windows password recovery



Step 2 Create A Bootable Password Reset Disk with USB or CD/DVD (We take USB as example)

Click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD”. The choice of option depends which drive you have inserted. At the end of its completion, click “OK” if you see the notification “Burning Successfully!”


make a reset disk


Step 3 Insert USB drive on Your Locked Computer and Boot from USB Drive

Unplug the drive and re-insert it into the target computer. Enter the BIOS setup zone and ensure that the inserted disk is chosen as the priority disk in the boot order sequence.


boot from USB



Step 4 Reset Password on Windows 10 Computer

Choose the Windows system and the account you want to reset. then click “Reset Password” and “Reboot”. The program will reset the account to blank.


Reset Password on Windows 10 Computer



If you have read the entire article from top to the bottom, the only conclusive fact is that UUkeys Windows Password Mate is quite reliable and more recommendable than the other tool. It is easy to use, compatible with all Windows OS, convenient user interface, and can crack all sorts of password. So if you are shrewd enough to make a smart decision, choose UUkeys Windows Password Mate if you are looking for an expected and guaranteed output.


Just download the trail version to reset login password on Windows 10 computer.





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