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Forgot Windows 7 Screen Login Password? How to Reset Windows 7 Login and Administrator Password without Re-Installing?

You purchase a laptop obviously with a vision to secure your data and amplify your work with convenience as you can carry it all around with ease. Okay, so now you are just about to use your laptop, you enter login or admin password, but it does not seem to work at all. The ACCESS IS DENIED to your very own machine. What a pity! So you may want to reset Windows 7 login password. Your entire vision falters in a moment of disgust and you have no idea what to do next, right? Don’t worry that is what we are going to guide you on.


Fortunately there are innumerable quick fixes available lately on the internet, and the real task is to find the right one amongst all of them. And here in this article we will do just the same sorting out the best option for you to reset forgotten Windows 7 login password.




Part 1. Windows 7 Password Hint

When you embark on setting the password for your account, you are definitely asked to create a hint so that if you enter a wrong password upon forgetting it, the hint will aid you enter the right one. In fact it will not appear until you enter a wrong password code. So when you enter the wrong password, check out the hint Window is offering to you. It might trigger your memory as to what the actual password could be.


If the tweak does not seem to give you any clear idea, try the next methods sorted out below.


windows password hit


Though the method is quite easy to reset Windows 7 forgotten password and quick but takes a lot of time to re-evaluate your memory, but would not support in real terms.



Part 2. Reset Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Mate

If you are tired of using this and that, then most certainly your search for the right tool is over. UUkeys Windows Password Recovery Mate is a Windows Password resetting tool, direct and quicker approach to your problem. It manipulates the registry files in your directory to remove the files responsible for the locking mechanism. Thus disabling the locking, it simply bypasses the lock screen without any data loss. What can be more rejuvenating that this?


Key Features:

  • It supports all the Windows OS versions.
  • Both UEFI, DSI legacy BIOS modes are compatible.
  • No malware intrusion issues.
  • Internet connection is not needed while using it.
  • Both USB and CD/DVD can be used for bootable disk.
  • No data is lost during the process.
  • 24x7 customer service is available for any queries you have.



download windows password mate



Step 1 Download, Install Program on Another Working Computer

To begin with, find a spare functional computer and download the utility onto it. Install it with step instructions and as soon as the tool screen comes to visual sight, choose either “USB” or “CD/DVD” as your media option to continue.


windows password recovery



Step 2 Create A Bootable Password Reset Disk with USB or CD/DVD (We take USB as example)

Plug in the empty disk you have in possession and choose the option of burning according to the device type. When the burning is done, click “OK” to move on.


make a reset disk


Step 3 Insert USB drive on Your Locked Computer and Boot from USB Drive

Take out the bootable disk and re-insert it into the locked laptop. It will be better if you access the BIOS facility to set the inserted device as the priority setup and the software will begin to be loaded onto the new machine.


boot from USB



Step 4 Reset User Password on Windows 7

No sooner than the tool screen appears that you locate your locked user account from the stack of other user accounts. Choose it and then follow up “Reset Password” and “Reboot” options one after another and the password removing process will begin.


Reset Password on Windows 10 Computer


Just download it and give it a try! It really can reset your Windows 7 password to blank with Zero Data Loss.



download windows password mate



Part 3. Reset Windows 7 Password with OphCrack Tool (Time-consuming )

This utility is very old yet in use to reset Windows 7 password due to its effective features. The best part is that it actually recovers the lost password instead of just resetting it. So you don’t need to learn a new password to overburden your memory. So this is how it actually works.


ophcrack tool



Step 1. Download the right version of the tool from the internet on a separate accessible PC and prepare a bootable disk beforehand by burning the ISO image file to the disk.

Step 2. Plug the bootable disk into the locked down computer and restart it.

Step 3. When the machine comes to visual display, run the tool and select “OphCrack Graphic Mode Automatic” and hit “Enter”.

Step 4. Now the recovery process is commenced using Brute-Force attack. It will take some time, even hours at times, so be patient.

Step 5. Once the password is recovered, it will right away be shown on screen.


Unlike the first tool we discussed, this tool is only restricted up to Windows 7 and not the later versions. Besides, it can decipher password of up to 8 characters only.



Wait for a moment and when the laptop turns on again, you will find no password prompting to disturb you. Memorize all the methods aforementioned since they will prove to be helpful at one point of time to reset Windows 7 login password. But if you stick to UUKeys , then you will definitely get around the expected result for sure. If you set up a new password, make sure to keep it noted somewhere, or at least keep the UUKeys tool installed in case the issue recurs again.



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