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How To Recover Contacts/Photos/SMS From Moto X/G/E

Moto X is a popular Android phone from Motorola. Similar to other flagship Android phones, the latest Moto X is a superb devices released in 2016. However, if you were not careful enough, it is easy to wrongly delete files on your phone. Once it happened, yo should look for ways to recover the lost data.


Android Data Recovery, irrespective of whether you have deleted any type of data like photos, sms, contacts, call history, WhatsApp message, video, music or a document. Yes, this is possible to retrieve lost data with this application.



Not just Motorola phones (Moto X, Moto G, Moto E), but also other Android phones from other brands like LG, Sony, HTC and Samsung users will also be on the beneficial side with this compatible data recovery application. This application is compatible with Android operating system between 2.1 and 6.0.


Fantastic Features to Manage Android:

This Android Data Recovery application will automatically scan your device for lost data. Once all the deleted or lost files are found and are listed in the interface, you will be allowed to preview the items one after the other, such that you can decide the ones that should be recovered. The great thing about this application is that it will permit recovery of lost data from SD cards as well. Irrespective of whether the data loss has happened due to water damage, blank or broken screen, you can rely on this application for data recovery.




How to Recover Contacts/SMS/Photos from Moto X/G/E


Step 1 Install and Run Android Data Recovery

The first and foremost thing you will have to do is to download and install the Android Data Recovery application. This can be done either on your Windows PC or a Mac computer. You can follow the on-screen instructions for doing this.


Once the installation is completed, the next thing you will have to do is to run the Android Data Recovery application. When you click the 'Run' button, you will be asked to connect your Moto X to the computer. You can establish the connection through the USB.


downlaod Moto X data recovery


Step 2 Enable USB Debugging on Moto X/G/E

Your phone can be identified by the application on the computer, only when the USB debugging option is enabled on your phone. This can be done by visiting the Settings on your Android 4.2 or newer phones. Then find the option called 'About phone'. You will find an option called 'Build number' here. Just tap the option for 7 times, which will show you that your phone is now in developer mode.


Once you see this alert message, again visit the Settings and then go to Developer options and then USB debugging. As the first generation of Moto X came with Android 4.4, all models are later than this Android operating system only. So, you can use this method for USB debugging in any of your Moto X phones.

Enable the USB Debugging


Step 3 Select the Items to be Scanned

If you are particular about recovery of certain types of data like photo, message or contact, you can choose the appropriate option after debugging as the application can now identify your phone. If you want to scan all lost data, you need not have to choose any options here. Then, start scanning. Depending on the quantity of data to be saved, it might take some time.


Select files


Step 4 Preview and Recover Photos/Contacts/SMS from Moto X/G/E

Once the application completes the scanning process, it will show the list of items deleted, where you can select only those photos, messages or contacts to be retrieved before clicking the 'Recover' button. The application will complete the recovery process and now you can save the recovered items to your computer.


Start to recover data on Moto X


Data loss is something that is common in Android phone like Moto X, but Android Data Recovery is there to help you out in these instances. So there is not a big deal to worry about the data loss any more with the help of this nice recovery software. However, you should first stop using the device once the data was deleted. This will increase the chance a lot more.






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