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How to Recover Deleted Files from Android SD Card

You might be aware of the fact that SD card expanded as Secure Digital Card is a ultra-small flash memory card that is designed with a view to bring the capacity to hold huge data in a small size. If you have been using an Android SD card in your Android phone and all of a sudden when you were browsing through the content, you find that some of the important files are missing. You might be frustrated, isn't?


But for now, you don't need to worry too much about it as you can recover the files that were deleted from your Android SD Card easily. This is possible with the best recovery application called Android Data Recovery.


When Does Data Loss Happen from an Android SD Card?

Generally, loss of files and folders from an Android SD Card could happen in different situations like virus attack, power failure, corrupted SD card or the card that cannot be accessed. It might also occur due to accidental deletion form the SD Card. Thanks to the creators of Android Data Recovery tool, this application will help with recovery of different types of data like videos and photos from your SD Card present on Android devices.


How to Retrieve Lost Files from Android SD Card?

The first and foremost thing you will have to do is to get the application to your computer and then you should install it, after checking the compatibility of the application with your computer. You can choose the appropriate version that will be suitable for your computer. Before actually beginning the recovery process, you are recommended to take appropriate steps to ensure that the deleted data is not overwritten. This means that you are recommended not to update your phone anymore as soon as you find that a data loss has happened from your memory card. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out in the data recovery process:





Steps: How to Recover Deleted Files from Android SD?


Step 1 Run Android Data Recovery Program

As mentioned earlier, you might have downloaded the appropriate version of Android Data Recovery to your computer. Now, run the program and choose the data recovery mode that you can find on the left column of the application interface.


downlaod lg data recovery


Step 2 Connect SD Card to the PC

Now, take a card reader and insert the SD card after removing it from your phone to the card reader. Then, connect the card reader to the USB port of your computer. On the screen that appears, hit the Next button and once your card is detected by the application, the name and size of the card will be displayed in the interface of Android Data Recovery. Then, click the Next button. Here, you will find two modes from which you should select the appropriate mode that meets your requirements.


First standard mode, the application can quickly conduct a scan in this mode. If the file cannot be detected after standard mode scanning, you can opt for advanced mode. The advanced mode scanning will take some time to complete and bring you the results.

Enable the USB Debugging


Step 3 Analyze and Scan Android SD Card

Once you choose the appropriate mode, you should click on'Next' button. Now, the application will start the scanning work. The application will help with finding contacts, messages, documents, audios, videos and images lost from your SD card.


Select files


Step 4 Preview and Recover Lost Data from SD Card

Once the scanning of SD card is completed, the application will show you the preview of documents, videos, audios and photos that were deleted from the SD card. From this preview, you can search whether the files that you lost are actually present. Then, choose the files that you should recover from your SD Card, before clicking Recover button.


Start to recover data on sd card


It is always recommended to have a habit of backing up data from your Android phone then and there. This will be helpful for you to get rid of unintentionally deletion and even it happens, there is the best recovery tool like Android Data Recovery that will help with recovery of crucial data from your phone and the sim card.






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