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How to Transfer Apps from Android to Another Android Phone

With the new Google Play Store launched by Google this year, it is said that an average Android user installs over two hundred apps on their smartphones. From cloud server apps to file managers to gaming apps, you will find all kind apps available on Play Store. But the real pain starts when you buy a new smartphone and will have to transfer everything from the old Android smartphone to the new one. While transferring images, videos and other multimedia files are quite easier but transferring app is not that really easily due to its file type.


Fortunately, there are few ways to transfer App from Android to Android and you can install them on your new Android smartphone. In this guide, we will be sharing two methods which you can use to transfer apps from one Android to another Android phone. In first part, we will be using a free app called "Share It" to transfer app from one device to another.



Part 1: How to Transfer App from Android to Android using Share It

Note: Both smartphone must have this app installed on their smartphones to make this method work.

Step 1. Install Share It app on both Android smartphones.

Step 2. Open Share It and tap on Scan for Device.

Step 3. Find the other smartphones on the app. It should have the name of the other smartphone.

Step 4. Tap on the device name in which you want to send the apps and click "Send"


Step 5. This should transfer the app to the new Android phone and you will be able to install them.

While this method can be helpful but you won’t be able send the app data on the new smartphone and will have to download the data required on the new phone. Luckily, there is one tool which can help you to transfer app from Android to Android without any problem and you don’t have to download data separately.



Part 2: Transfer App from Android to Android using Phone to Phone Transfer

Phone to Phone transfer is a desktop software which helps to transfer app and other mobile content from one Android phone to another Android phone. In addition to apps, it also supports all data types including messages, contacts, photos, call history, vdeos, documents and more.


It is supported in both Windows and Mac platform. So make sure to download the correct version to make this method work.


You can free download the trail version and give it a try.



Step 1 Download & Install Phone to Phone Transfer

You must need this software to start the transferring process. Head on to Phone to Phone Transfer official website and download the software on your PC. Next, open the file and install the software on your computer. This step should be simpler and will take few minutes to finish.





Step 2 Launch and Connect both Android Smartphone to PC

Now, launch the software on your PC and connect both Android smartphones to your PC using a USB cable wires. Let the software detect both phones. After your phone is synced with computer, you should be able to see the following screen.

Transfer Texts Messages from Samsung to iPhone


Step 3 Select "App" or Other Data You Want to Transfer

Next, check on "Apps" from the main interface of the software and click on "Start Transfer". This step may take some time depending on how many Apps you are transferring.


move iPhone to samsung


Step 4 Start to Transfer Messages from Android to Android

The software should now initiate the transferring process. Keep the phones connected with PC when this process is taking place.


start to transfer messages


Step 5 . That’s it. You should now be able to see the apps on your new phone. Now install each apps on the new device and run them smoothly.

Please note: It is recommended to keep both smartphones connected to your computer unless the process is completely finished. But if for any reason one of your phone get disconnected then you can repeat the process again and it should be done smoothly next time.


Phone to Phone Transfer not only helps to transfer app from one Android to another Android phone but also it helps to move other data such as images, videos, text messages and so on between different mobile operating system.






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