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How To Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Phone?

So you have bought a latest Android phone with improved design, performance and latest OS version? You must be feeling excited because you can now enjoy all the latest Apps and games available on the Google Play store. Before doing all such things, the very first thing you may want to do is to transfer contacts from your old Android phone to a new one. Your happiness of getting a new device may have become a hassle to set it up. Though syncing contacts seems to be a tough job, it is actually painless and easy process thanks to the Android operating system. In this post, we will explain how to transfer contacts from Android phone to a new one.


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There are different ways to do that. But we will detail the following methods in this guide:


Part 1: Back up Your Android Contacts to Google

If you are making a move from one Android device to another, it is far easier to back up contacts to your Google account than others. It also has added benefit as you can access your contacts on any device you upgrade to and save them to the servers in case your device is lost or stolen. Keep in mind that the steps to do that may vary by model to model. But it will almost be the same as mentioned below:


1) Open People app or Contacts on your device

2) On "Settings" menu, choose "Import/Export" which is usually found under "Manage Contacts"

3) Choose "Export" and "Select to Export Contacts to the Storage"

4) It will store the contacts as vCard file. You can send it to the new device through email or Bluetooth, and import the vCard using the same process instead of exporting it, or it can also be uploaded to your Google account.


Transfer the vCard file to your laptop or computer. Transfer it through Bluetooth or email it, upload it to Google Drive or download it, or just connect the device to the system with USB cable and copy the file.


1) Go to Google.com/contacts and go to "Import Contacts"

2) Click "Choose File" and look for the vCard stored on the system.

3) Now click "Import"

4) Now these contacts will be saved on the Google account that you can access on any device immediately.



Part 2: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with Phone Transfer

To transfer large number of contacts or other data from Android to Android or other platform, Phone Transfer is highly recommended to get your job done perfectly. It can directly transfer contacts, SMS, calendar, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps between iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian) phones and BlackBerry. Backup and restore phone data effortlessly. Newly supports iPhone 7S (Plus), WinPhone10&8 backup to iOS/Android. Sounds quite cool, right? Just go for it.


You can free download the trail version and give it a try.




Step 1 Download, Install Program on Your Computer

After installing Android Rescuer Phone to Phone Transfer app on your system, launch it. It will open and show you the main interface screen. In free trial version, you can transfer only a few contacts from your old device to new Android device for free. It is just for free evaluation purpose.





Step 2 Connect Your Two Phones to Your Computer via USB Cable

Now plug in both of your old and new Android device to your PC through USB cables. After connecting both of the devices successfully, it will show the model names of both the devices on main interface. All you need to click "Flip" button to switch destination and source phone.

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Step 3 Start to Transfer Contacts from Android to Another Android

Select "Contacts" once it detects both of the Android devices, and click "Start Copy" to copy the contacts from one Android Device to another. Once transfer process of your contacts is done successfully, it will inform you through a pop-up message. On a new Android device, you can check your contact lists.


start to transfer messages


Along with these methods, you can also use the app which is preinstalled on your new device to transfer contacts from your old phone. Some latest Android phones come with an app to ease the process of gathering contacts from old phone. For instance, Motorola has added Moto Migrate app to all of its devices to transfer contacts and other information from old device with few easy steps.


But Phone Transfer is an efficient data transfer software, can transfer contacts and others from Android to another phone within only three steps.






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