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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 to Computer

However, no matter how many features a smartphone can provide, you will still need the basic features like sending text messages, making phone calls and save new contacts. Now, if you are like one of those who make phone calls every day and like to make new contacts daily then you must have a huge list of contacts on your phone. Samsung Galaxy offers to save contacts on phone memory, SIM card as well as give the ability to save them on your online Gmail account.


But what If you accidentally delete your contact list? Or what if you phone is stolen? Or what if you dropped your and it is beyond repair? You may get all you data back from computer but there’s no way you can get back your contact list again. So it is highly recommended to keep a backup copy of your contacts list so that you can restore them if anything wrong happens with your Samsung Galaxy phone. >> You can try to retrieve messages from Samsung galaxy.


In this tutorial, we will learn to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer so that you can restore them back if you lost your phone or if you wish to transfer contacts from one device to another.


Method 1: Sync Contacts with Gmail Account

Every Android smartphone has this feature to upload your contact list to your Gmail account. You simply have to sync your smartphone with your Gmail account and it will automatically create backup of your contacts and upload it on its server. To sync your phone with Gmail account, you will have to follow these steps.


Sync Contacts with Gmail Account


Step 1. Open Contacts

Step 2. Tap on "Menu/Setting".

Step 3. Tap on "Merge with Google" and select the Google account in which you wish to upload all your contact list.

Step 4. After it is done, you will see a pop up message saying sync is completed successfully.

Step 5. Open Google account from computer and download the contacts on your PC and save the as ".CSV" format. That’s it.



NOTE:, there are some drawbacks of using this method to save your contacts because if you phone doesn’t automatically sync with your phone daily then you will only be able to recover contacts when you previously synced your phone. Fortunately, there is one more way to transfer the contacts from Samsung Galaxy to your computer more efficiently where there is no chance to lose any of your contacts details.



Steps: Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 to Computer

Android Desktop Manager is a desktop software that helps you to manage and control your entire Android phone using a computer. You will be able to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer using this software. It also supports transferring messages, photos, call history, app, videos and more.


You can free download the trail version and give it a try.




Step 1 Download & Launch Android Desktop Manager

First step is quite simple. Download Android Desktop Manager and install it on your computer. The installation process is easy, just follow the instruction and keep clicking next to install the software. Next, you should launch the program for the first time on your PC and you will be able to see its main interface.


install Android sms backup



Step 2 Connect Your Two Phones to Your Computer via USB Cable

Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to PC via USB data cable or you can even scan QR code to pair up your phone with PC.

Recognize Your Android Device Automatically


Step 3 Select Contacts and Start to Export to PC

Now click on "Contacts" from the left side bar and preview your contact list. Select all the contacts you wish to save on your computer and click on "Export". This step may take some time depends on how long is the contact list.

backup contacts on Android


Your phone contact list will be transferred to PC now.


Although, in this tutorial we learned how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to computer but you can use the same method to transfer any other types of file including images, text messages, videos, etc. from your Android phone to PC. Not only it works with Samsung Galaxy but also it works with every other Android smartphone.





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