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How to Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Note?

If you want to use your phone something more than calling, it is better to switch to latest Samsung Galaxy which is the best choice for gaming and entertainment. It is powered by latest Android OS. But the major issue you may come across is transferring your vital information and data like messages, business contacts, photos, and emails between Samsung Galaxy S7 and your Blackberry.


There are chances that your device has hundreds of text messages and contacts, and thousands of photos to transfer. If you choose to do it manually, it may take several hours using copy and paste options. It is definitely very complex and boring job. With the emergence of technology, there must be some of the advanced programs and tools to get it done within minutes. Fortunately, we found the one to save you from this boredom.


We strongly recommend everyone to use Phone to Phone Transfer. It is a smart program that comes with powerful and simple functions to make your daily life a lot easier. You can transfer all your contents from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S7 with few simple clicks. Within three steps, all your transfer jobs will be done automatically. All you need to choose some options and let it take care of the rest. Along with it, the tool supports all the mobile OS of the smartphones available in the market, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian.





Guide: How to Transfer Data from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S7/S6


Step 1 Back Up Your BlackBerry First

First of all, you need to install and run Blackberry Desktop software to back up your BlackBerry to computer, click the Back Up Now to backup your BlackBerry data to your computer.



Step 2 Download, Install Program on Your Computer

Download and install Android Rescuer Phone to Phone transfer on your system. Double click the file to start installing the file. It will run automatically once installed.


Once installed, launch the program on your system. It will show an interface with various options like Restore from Backups, Phone to Phone Transfer, Erase Your Old Phone, and Back up Your Phone. Choose "Restore from Backups" option and proceed to next step.





Step 2 Connect Your iPhone to Computer and Select Backups

Connect both of the devices to your PC through USB cable. Be sure that USB driver detects both of your devices properly and app can also detect them well. Once the devices are connected, the program will show them automatically on the empty area of its screen. Keep your Samsung phone as your destination device by clicking “Flip” button.



Make sure both of the devices are connected properly when it starts loading. It will scan and analyze the source Blackberry phone and find all the data and show it in the middle of window with items count. Choose the data you want to transfer, such as Contacts, Texts, and Photos. You may also need to transfer contacts from Android to Android, and transfer messages from Android to computer.


All you need to click the "Flip" button to Transfer data from Samsung to Blackberry phone. It will change the Source and Destination devices.



Step 4 Start to Transfer Messages, Contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy

As discussed in last step, you can transfer several contents with this program between Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy, such as text, contacts, apps, call history, music, videos and photos. All you need to check the files you want to transfer and select “Start Transfer” to proceed.


start to transfer messages


It is likely to take several minutes to finish the overall transfer process, according to the amount of your data and number of files. Don't disconnect any device or remove the media unless the transfer is complete. Or it could cause a serious problem of data corruption or application error. You may lose your precious data forever by disconnecting it midway.


If you tried to transfer the contact yourself ever, you may have noticed that how advanced this tool is. It can do all the boring tasks for you and it will do all the transfer within minute. All you have to follow three to four steps to transfer contacts, messages from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy. Even a beginner can perform this task. It is just like an icing on a cake. Once you get your free trial, I am sure that you will start loving it. You will definitely want to buy the full version to use it every time.






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