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How to Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos between LG and Samsung S7/S6

So you had a great time with your old LG smartphone for the past couple of years. There are chances that you are done with your old device and want to switch to latest Samsung Galaxy S7. Your device may also be damaged due to spillage and your device’s screen is no longer responsive even after several attempts to restore it.


Fortunately, your system has recognized your device and you can still manage it through your default Android assistant tool installed on your system. Now you want to transfer all your contacts, photos and messages to your Galaxy S7. All your important data stored on old LG phone should be transferred to your new device. You are not going to do these things manually as it is too time-consuming and complex. The best thing is that you can use a professional tool to get it done within minutes.


Why You Choose All-in-One Phone Transfer?

Phone Transfer, It is a user-friendly and handy data transfer tool that is known to be a boon to smartphone users. It can move all your data from LG phone to latest Samsung Galaxy S7 without having much effort. You can get it done on the background and get your data on your device within minutes, which takes hours to get it done if you do it manually. In addition, it also comes with some default features that can remove your data on your old device if you want to sell or give it to your friend. It can also help you to perform data backup and restore to keep it secure.


Supports Multiple Devices and Brands:

The best thing about this software is that it supports over 3000 devices and 200 brands of mobile devices. It supports various brands like HTC, Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, Blackberry, Nokia etc. In short, all the devices available in the market can be supported with this software.


Mobile OS: It supports Blackberry, Android, iOS and Nokia Symbian


You can free download the trail version and give it a try.




Steps: How to Transfer Data between LG G5/G6 and Samsung Galaxy S7/S6


Step 1 Run Program and Connect Your Two Phones to Your Computer via USB Cable

It is very simple to download and install this tool just like any other software in your computer. Like other programs, it also has default setup wizard that can guide you through the process. It runs automatically once installation is done.




Keep in mind that the software has to do full analysis of the device information on both phones. Keep your LG and Samsung devices connected to the computer through USB cable.



Step 2 Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" Option

In the latest version, the developers’ team has done some slight changes on the backup and restore feature. They added "Erase" option in it. They have added data backup, phone to phone transfer, data delete and data recovery options at the same place. So, you should choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" option and click "Next".


Transfer Texts Messages from Samsung to iPhone



Step 3 Analyze & Scan Data on Your Device

Analyzing the storage on your phone is the first step on transfer process. Once the device is connected properly, the software will recognize them and display on both the sides of screen. To choose S7 as destination phone, click the "Flip" button.


move iPhone to samsung


Step 4 Start to Transfer Contacts, Messages from LG to Samsung Galaxy

Once everything is done successfully, now move your contacts, texts, call history, music, apps, and videos from LG to Samsung. Just check the items you want to transfer and select "Start Transfer" button to proceed.


start to transfer messages


With this Phone Transfer, you can rest assured that this program has been tried and tested by several Android users and it works really well. It provides smooth, safe and uninterrupted transfer process. You can easily copy all the data on your old device with confidence within just few minutes. With few simple clicks, you can get all the complex jobs done without doing it manually and wasting a lot of time. It is really very efficient tool that can save a lot of efforts.


In addition, it comes with a lot of helpful features that can make your life easier, such as Erase Your Old Phone, Restore from Backups, Backup Your Phone etc. Start your free trial for 30 days to transfer messages, contacts, photos and other data from LG G4/G5 to Samsung Galaxy S7, S6.






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