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How to Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos between LG and iPhone 7/7Plus?

Both Apple and LG are two of the most popular phone manufacturers as they have sold millions of smart phones in previous years, especially the latest ones like iPhone 7 and LG G6/G5. These phones are no longer just used for the purposes as they used to be.


When it comes to buy a new device, it is vital to transfer your data from your old device to a new one. But sadly, there is literally no single standard to migrate your data from one phone to another. So, how would you transfer messages, contacts, and photos from LG and iPhone? Well, you can transfer your data manually. But there are lots of headaches in manual methods. It is literally going to be very time consuming, tedious, and vulnerable to errors.


There is no need to worry about anything. Phone Transfer is a powerful and professional tool that can easily transfer contacts, messages and photos from LG to iPhone. With the help of this program, you can also migrate videos, music, calendar, etc between these devices in a very easy way. With just few clicks, you can easily transfer the files. It is very easy to use for the users of all skill levels. In addition, it supports large range of LG and iPhone models. In this guide, we will take LG G6/G5 and iPhone 7 Plus as an example.


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You can free download the trail version and give it a try.




Steps: How to Transfer Data between LG G5/G6 and iPhone 7/7Plus/6


Step 1 Download, Install Program on Your Computer

Whether you are using Mac or Windows PC, Android Rescuer is available for both platforms. First of all, download the setup file to your computer. Install the program on your system with the default wizard. Once installation is done, launch the program. On the startup window, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" option.





Step 2 Connect Your Two Phones to Your Computer via USB Cable

Plug in iPhone 7 and LG G5 to the computer through USB cable. After a few seconds, make sure the device recognizes both the devices. Once done, it will show the name of both devices on the program. If it doesn't detect the phone, be sure to update the USB driver which is not working.

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Step 3 Select which Type of File You Want to Transfer

The program will show the list of handful of items that you can transfer. You may choose Contacts, Text Messages and Photos to transfer from one device to another. It's up to your choice. Mark these options checked. To switch the devices from source to destination, click "Flip" button.


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Step 4 Start to Transfer Messages from LG to iPhone

Once you have selected the files, now you have to click "Start Transfer" to start the process. Once the process begins, you can see the transfer on the progress bar which shows the percentage of data transferred and number of files that are about to transfer. Generally, it takes couple of minutes to complete the process. But it depends mostly on the amount of data you have selected to transfer from one device to another.


start to transfer messages


This is all you have to do to transfer your contacts, messages, and photos from LG to iPhone and vice versa. Sounds simple, isn't? It is actually very simple as you can transfer your files with three simple steps. You just have to click on few options and it will be done automatically.


You don't have to find anything manually, swap SD cards, move folders, or convert files or any tedious job. With the help of this tool, you can easily start the transfer process and sit back and see how fast it is. All you need to use this program to move files between these devices. You can rest assured to move files easily without any error.






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