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How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone

Even though, there are many funny applications in smartphones like social networking and gaming applications, where communication can be done easily, most people prefer texting through the SMS service available in their phone. This is the preferred choice, particularly in places where the internet access if out of range.


If you have been using an Android phone for these many years and now you have purchased an all-new iPhone 6 plus and you want to transfer text messages from the Android Phone to iPhone, you might be thinking about the ways to transfer messages between these two phones. This is where an effective phone transfer tool can be of great help to you. Mobile Transfer is application that will help you with phone to phone transfer with just a single click. This is a desktop application that can safely copy your text messages from Android to iPhone, but besides text messages, it will help you with transfer of videos, music, photos, calendars, call logs, contacts and even application between phones. You can just try this application for free to test its effectiveness in data transfer.


Even though, you might come across many applications that will help transfer messages between Android and iPhone, you should check whether the transfer will happen completely without any loss of data. This assurance is given by MobileTrans and even you can check this with the trial version. Once you are satisfied with the complete and safe transfer of data between phones, you can opt for the paid version of the application.


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You can free download the trail version and give it a try.




Steps: How to Transfer Texts from Android to iPhone 6 Plus


Step 1 Download, Install Program on Your Computer

Before you start, you need to make sure the iTunes has been installed on your computer, but no need to open it. Then download and install this program on your computer, then Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer".




Step 2 Connect Your Two Phones to Your Computer via USB Cable

Connect both of your Android and iPhone to a computer via USB cables and then the program will automatically detect your two devices. As you can see, there is a "Flip" tab in the middle of window, you can click it to change the position of these two devices.


Step 3 Select which Type of File You Want to Transfer

Once your Android phone was recognized successfully, all the content in your source phone (Android) will be listed in the middle of window. You can mark the one you want to transfer. Here we select "Text Messages" as an example. and next.



Step 4 Start to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone


You should mark "Messages" and press "Start Copy" to get it done, it will take some time based on the size of your messages. When the process is ended, click "OK". If you want to clear all data on the destination phone before copy, you can click the ''Clear data before copy''.



Transfer between Different Operating System:
Not just Android to iOS, MobileTrans data transfer tool will help you with transfer from Android to Android, Android to WinPhone, iOS to Android, iOS to iOS, WinPhone to Android, WinPhone to iOS, etc. So, regardless of whether you own a Droid phone or WinPhone or Symbian or even BlackBerry, you can transfer messages to iOS. It will also be possible to get data from iCloud and iTunes Backup to your iOS phone.

These features of MobileTrans will help with effective transfer of not just messages, but also many other data between your phones. So, data transfer is not going to worry you anymore, when you have this application readily available on your system. You can also keep your phone data secured with this application. Just try the trial version before opting for the paid version of the software; you will get to know its effectiveness.


Just download the trail version to copy text between Android and iPhone right now.





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