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How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung to iPhone 7/6

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to transfer text messages from an Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 7/7Plus? Well, this is something that many people are not quite aware of. The truth is that you can easily do it so long as you install a certain app. The tool capable of doing this is called Phone Transfer. In order for you to transfer text messages between Samsung and iPhone, you first need to know what this app is as well as the steps involved.


 To start with, Phone Transfer is basically a tool that enables phone users to transfer data from one phone to another. Moving data from one device involves various short steps. With phone transfer, you can easily transfer your text messages even to different operating systems, the procedure involved is not very complicated and thus, anyone can easily follow it and at the end successfully transfer his or her data. In addition to text messages transfer, you can also transfer other data such as contacts, videos and many others. Below are the ways to move text from Samsung to iPhone.


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You can free download the trail version and give it a try.




Steps: How to Transfer Texts Messages from Samsung to iPhone 7/7Plus/6


Step 1 Download, Install Program on Your Computer

The first thing that you required to do is to download the right version to your Mac or Windows computer. Install it and then launch it for it to start functioning. You simply launch it by double clicking the icon. A certain interface will be displayed on your computer.





Step 2 Connect Your Two Phones to Your Computer via USB Cable

 Secondly, connect your two devices to the computer using a USB cable. The two devices are the iPhone and your Samsung. The two phones will be detected by the program that you just installed previously. The Samsung will be shown on the left side while the iPhone will be appear on the right side of the interface. This pattern means that you will be transferring data from Samsung to iPhone

Transfer Texts Messages from Samsung to iPhone


Step 3 Select which Type of File You Want to Transfer

Since the main issue is transfer of text messages, make sure that you tick off all the marks indicating other data such contacts and music. By doing this, it means that you will only transfer the text messages and not the other data.


move iPhone to samsung


Step 4 Start to Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone

To start transferring the messages, click the "Start Copy" button. After all the messages have been transferred, click “OK” and you will be through with everything.


start to transfer messages


In conclusion, above are the steps to follow when transferring text messages from your Samsung to iPhone. The points are very clear and easy to follow. Just follow them and surely you will transfer your data successfully.






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