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Locked out of Windows 10/8/7? 3 Ways to Unlock A Windows 10 Password

In an era like this, where every computational work is based on cramming passwords, whether it is for ATM, Bank accounts, or for various other reasons, forgetting a password out of so many is quite an obvious thing to happen due to confusion. On an average, more than 80 % of people forget or lose their system password every day. So you see there is nothing to be embarrassed about losing your own password.


But at the same time, you must know the measures which can bring it back or at least enables you to somehow re-access your own account otherwise all that you have stored so far in your device will go to waste. This article we will tell you how to unlock a locked computer on Windows 10/8/7.




Method 1. Unlock Windows 10/8/7 Login Password with Windows Password Mate

UUKeys Windows Password Mate is one of the best Windows password resetting tool. To be clear, it resets password in the sense that you don’t need to enter it the next time you power on. The trick lies in disabling the registry files accountable for the password lock, causing the bypassing of the lock screen while turning on. There are several reasons which ascribes its popularity, for instance you can use it with any Windows OS; it supports both UEFI and DSI legacy BIOS modes; it can reset all type of account password, domain, admin, local, etc; no additional tools are required for collaboration; all time upgrade facilities are available.




Step 1 Download, Install Program on Another Working Computer

Prior to start working the tool; get a spare working computer first to create the bootable disk and an empty CD/DVD or pendrive. After you have prepared all the requirements, download the tool off its official website. You can simply type the name of the tool on browser; the first link will direct you to the site. Install it normally, and open it as an admin. On the first page, choose your media type before you proceed, that is either “USB or CD/DVD”.


windows password recovery



Step 2 Create A Bootable Password Reset Disk with USB or CD/DVD (We take USB as example)

Accordingly, click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” after you insert the disk.


make a reset disk


Step 3 Insert USB drive on Your Locked Computer and Boot from USB Drive

Click “Ok” to terminate the burning process and take out the disk which is now fully loaded. Infix the disk into the locked machine, and change the boot order in the BIOS facility page to make the inserted disk as the priority device.


boot from USB



Step 4 Unlock Password on Windows 10 Computer

As soon as the program is loaded onto the locked machine, all your already registered user accounts will be shown on screen. You just particularly choose your locked user account and click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons at the bottom one by one to trigger the resetting protocol.


Reset Password on Windows 10 Computer


Within few minutes it shall be all done, and you can reclaim your account without any password entry.




Method 2. Unlock Windows 10/8 Password with Password Reset Disk

Password reset disk allows you to access your computer if you have unfortunately forgotten the actual password. If you had created a password reset disk before you forgot the password getting locked down bitterly, only then shall the technique take its toll, otherwise, not. Besides, it must be the same computer or laptop where you had created the password.


Step 1. Plug in the pen drive containing the password reset disk to the locked computer and power it on. When the login screen appears, click on “Reset Password” and then the “Forgotten Password Wizard” is started.


password reset disk


Step 2. Now press “Next” to jump over to the next page, and here you can actually reset your account password which is real aim of this method.

reset password with disk


Step 3. Restart your computer, and avail the recently created password on the lock screen to resume the normalcy of the account usage.


Method 3. Unlock Windows 10/8 Login Password with LCP

LCP is one of the most accomplished Windows password unlocking tools which can nearly recovery all type of account passwords. The method is a bit complicated, but works smoothly.


Step 1. Download the setup file from the internet and install it cautiously as you are most likely to do certain errors in this stage.

Step 2. Run the tool as an administrator and on the main tool screen click on “Import” button on the menu bar.

Step 3. A list will drop down, where you have to choose “Choose import from SAM file…” and you will be asked to browse the respective SAM file.


LCP password recovery


Step 4. Uncheck the “Additional encryption is used” option and click “Ok” to proceed. On the next page, all your registered usernames will be displayed of which you are supposed to pick out your locked user account. Click the “Arrow” button in the toolbar and the password unlocking process will begin.


password recovery with LCP


Once the process is over, the unlocked password will be shown under the “LM Password Column”.



Note of Conclusion:

As a note of conclusion, there remains nothing to explain any further if you have scrambled the article keenly. Once you unlock windows password successfully, and create a new password, don’t forget to store it somewhere safely, like in a notepad or Google drive, as you can forget it again out of huge upsetting password collection.




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