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How To Recover SMS/Contacts/Photos From HTC Phone

There are great chances that you will face data loss problems and this not only happens in HTC phones, but also other smartphones. The reason for this is that smartphones come with touch interface. This means that there are greater chances of unintentional deletion when you touch in appropriate items. However, once you find that you have deleted an important data, you are recommended not to use your phone further as the deleted data will be overwritten if further deletions happen unintentionally.

you cannot stay away from using the phone, you can at least stay away from accessing the area from which the crucial data was lost. For instance, if you find that one of the important messages from your inbox is missing, just stop accessing the inbox, until you recover the deleted message. The good thing to remember here is that it is possible to recover the deleted data regardless of whether it is a text message, photos, contact, WhatsApp message or any other data for that matter with the help of the best data recovery application called HTC Data Recovery.

The excellent thing about HTC Data Recovery is that not just photoscontacts or messages, you can also recover different types of files with this application. Call history, videos, music and documents are a few to mention. What is more, you have the chance to preview scanned files before recovering them to your phone. This will save a lot of storage on the device and get rid of unwanted items in order to make the phone run faster. In addition, the steps are easy to follow and there is a nice UI you can follow to recover lost sms, contacts or photos from your HTC Phone. Below is a few ones that are well supported by the program:

HTC One M10/M9/M8/M7/M6HTC Desire 530/512/510/626/612HTC A9/E8/HTC One Remix/Max as well as other HTC Android phones.

You can use this program to recover:PhotosText MessagesContactsVideosWhatsApp History and Documents.

Steps: Recover Contacts/Messages/Photos from HTC Phone

Step 1Install HTC Data Recovery and Connect Phone to Computer

When you run the application that is downloaded to your computer, you will be prompted to connect your HTC phone to the computer. You can do this with the help of the USB cable that came along with your HTC phone. Even after connecting, you will have to enable USB debugging on your phone, such that the application can identify your phone.

downlaod htc data recovery
Step 2Turn on USB Debugging on HTC Phone

To do this, just visit the settings tab on your phone and then go to the option called ‘About phone’, where you can find an option called ‘Build number’, which should be tapped for 7 times. This action will trigger the reaction on your phone and it will display that your phone is now under developer mode.

Again, visit the settings and then go to ‘Developer options’ and then to ‘USB debugging’. This can be done only if your HTC phone has Android 4.2 or newer. On the other hand, you can enable USB debugging in your Android 3.0 to 4.1 phones by visiting ‘Settings’ -> ‘Developer options’ -> ‘USB debugging’. Once the USB debugging is enabled, the application can recognize your phone.

Enable the USB Debugging
Step 3Scan Deleted Data on HTC Phone

Now, you can select only the items that should be scanned on your phone by the application. For instance, if you want the deleted message alone to be scanned, you can select messages. On the other hand, if you want a complete scan to be completed by this awesome data recovery app, you should check all the file types. When you are ready, click the Next button, which will enable the application to scan your phone. The time of scan will vary depending on the items that you have chosen.

Select files
Step 4Preview and Recover Deleted Files to HTC M10/M9/M8/M7/M6

Once the scan is completed, the application will show a preview of deleted items. From this preview, you can select the items that should be recovered before you click the “Recover” button. This step will enable HTC Data Recovery application to complete the recovery process. You can save the recovered files to your computer and move them to your phone later.

Start to recover data on LG G4/G3

This HTC Data Recovery application will bring a new ray of hope to HTC users that even in the case of data loss, they can get back the data safely and effectively. Actually, it is an all-in-one Android data recovery program that also works for other Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony, Moto, etc. What is more, you can use this app for rooting, data transfer and backup.