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How to Transfer Text Messages from BlackBerry to iPhone

Text messages play a very vital role in our day to day life. It is really very annoying when you are unable to take your precious text messages with you when it comes to switch from BlackBerry smart phones to iPhone 7 or 7Plus. As you know, BlackBerry and iPhone are different devices as they run on different OS. Text messages are saved always on the internal memory of the device. So, it is not possible to share or transfer messages from BlackBerry to iPhone through USB only.

Though it seems very easy to sync your device data, such as photos and contacts, to cloud service, people really have good options to transfer SMS, particularly in cross-platform move. If you want to say Goodbye to Android forever and switch to iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus or 7/7 Plus, there are few steps to transfer messages between Android and iPhone.

Part 1. Why You Shouldn’t Use Move to iOS?

Apple’s official app, Move to iOS is designed to transfer your Android data to your iPhone. This app is available for iOS 9 or higher. This feature enables users to transfer data from Android when they first use their iPhone. You can install this app on your Android device and pair both of the devices using Wi-Fi and transfer data. But Move to iOS has some limitations and Cons.

1. If you have used your iPhone previously, it will erase all the existing data.

2. Your Android device should be running on Android 4.0 or latest version.

3. Your iPhone should be iPhone 5 or more recent model and running on iOS 9 or higher.

4. It will be very slowly if you tarnsfer a whole lot of data, and will cause data loss.

Part 2. Transfer Texts Messages from Sony to iPhone 7/7Plus/6 with Phone Transfer

Phone to Phone Transfer is a professional utility you can easily transfer text messages from your BlackBerry to iPhone.

Why Choose Android Rescuer?

1. Supports all BlackBerry smart phones running on Android 2.1 to Android 4.4

2. Works on all iPhone devices running on iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 7.1.

3. Transfers contacts, text messages, call history, app, document, music, videos, etc.

4. Highly reliable tool as it is based on latest algorithm.

5. Quick transfer with just few easy steps.

Step 1Back Up Your BlackBerry First

First of all, you need to install and run Blackberry Desktop software to back up your BlackBerry to computer, click the Back Up Now to backup your SMS to the computer.

Step 2Download, Install Program on Your Computer

You have to download and install program on your system in which iTunes is previously installed. You don’t have to open it.

Once installed, launch the program on your system. It will show an interface with various options like Restore from Backups, Phone to Phone Transfer, Erase Your Old Phone, and Back up Your Phone. Choose “Restore from Backups” option and proceed to next step.

Step 2Connect Your iPhone to Computer and Select Backups

 Secondly, connect your iPhone devices to the computer using a USB cable. The BlackBerry backups will be shown on the left side while the iPhone will be appear on the right side of the interface. This pattern means that you will be transferring data from BlackBerry to iPhone

Step 4Start to Transfer Messages from BlackBerry to iPhone

If you just want to transfer “Text Messages“, mark the option to transfer all the files in it. See if other files are marked or not. If so, uncheck these options. Then click “Start Copy” to proceed and see the transfer process in the tool.

start to transfer messages

To transfer your texts efficiently and completely from BlackBerry to iPhone, it is recommended to use professional phone to phone transfer tool. It is a professional and user-friendly Android data transfer tool with which you can easily transfer contacts, text messages, apps, contacts, music, photos etc. with three simple steps from one device to another.

It also works with different operating systems like Nokia Symbian, Blackberry, Android, iOS etc. You may use free trial version before buying the full version. All you need to ensure that iTunes is installed on your PC before installing it. Your iPhone may restart after transferring the data. Don’t worry, it is normal process.